I never thought I would be trying acupuncture. Ok, I said it, it's true. I was a skeptic. When nothing else had helped for my lower back pain and other health symptoms I decided to give it a try, can't hurt right? 

I had my first appointment with Ahnna this past Saturday. The office is absolutely beautiful. I was more relaxed as soon as I stepped inside. I filled out my paperwork and Ahnna had me lay down and relax in one of the treatment rooms before beginning. 

She spent a thorough amount of time listen to why I was there, what problems I was having, what I feel was causing those problems and just a vent in general about my life. She was very responsive, making notes and asking more questions. 

When it was time for treatment I didn't even know the pins (not sure what the technical term is) were going in. I did feel one, but as soon as I felt it, my entire lower back relaxed, and that NEVER happens. I fell asleep on and off while I was having the treatment. I felt better when I left, not great, but better. 

The next day I work up and felt like a weight had been lifted off of my back. No more lower back pain? Could it be? I was amazed. And as a side note my sinuses started draining, I've had a nagging cold for over a month. 

I was so surprised and impressed by my treatment I am going back again this weekend. I think if you've never tried acupuncture and are thinking about it, this is definitely the place to go!!

-Donna F.

Ahnna has made a huge impact on my life. When I visit her office, it is always a great experience. I find her treatments to be very effective.

-Karen W.